My name is Ben Tuma. I am currently based out of Houston, TX. I started this site with the goal of sharing common solutions, concept design questions, and giving my own take on trends in the industry.

My area of scope revolves around automation, cloud technologies, server operating systems, storage, systems security, network macro and micro segmentation, and most recently automation development for infrastructure and server operations. I have a long history in the healthcare industry planning infrastructure for EPIC systems.

All opinions stated are my own.

Experience as an Cloud Architect and Engineer, Infrastructure Architect and Engineer, and Automation Developer.

VMware VCP 7 back to VCP 4. VMware VCP NV 6, LInux+, LPIC 1, 2, Microsoft MCSE Azure Cloud, Netapp NCDA, Scrum Master|

Relevant Technologies:
Automation, Infrastructure Ops, Service Now, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Services and Platforms, Network Security

Relevant Virtual infrastructure:
VMware, Azure, AWS

Relevant Development:
Git, Ansible, Ansible Tower (AWX), SALT stack, REST API Programming, Powershell, Python, Bash scripting, ServiceNow Automation, Cloudforms (ManageIQ)