RVTools A VMware Admins Best Friend

I’ve been running VMware environments for a long time and I have to say without a doubt that this is an essential part of any responsible VMware Admins regime. Taking inventory of where everything is important for so many reasons. There have been several times where it has saved my butt.

Here are some real examples:
Datacenter outage: Finding the Vcenter host by looking up inventory or really important VMs that need to be restarted ASAP.

Data corruption: Loss of VMs, able to trace back VMs storage location by inventory

Migrations: A tool to inventory what you are migrating and plan your moves

SO if you have not heard of this tool for any reason and you manage a VMware environment do me a favor and go get this tool!

You can find this tool here:

It’s really a simple tool. All you do is point it to a vcenter with authentication credentials and it squeezes every bit of useful info you could use. You can easily export this data in excel format or even setup powershell scripts to make your own customized excel format.