Ever wanted to run a self contained virtual lab for testing, or studying for a certification? Well I came across a nice open source software that might be your cup of tea.

A colleague of mine brought to light a really nice tool for running your own emulated lab environment recently. Something called EVE.

Essentially this tool allows you to create emulated infrastruture on the fly such as VMware (Vcenter, esx), servers, routers, switches, firewalls, etc. This is handy if you are planning to do some rudimentary testing of how things work together etc. This is not something you would actually use to do any workloads, but merely do functional testing.

Underneath the hood it really is just nested virtualization qemu running with containers for the various infrastructure you are adding.

All of this is very neat and exciting for anyone trying to get their hands on some hypothetical testing, etc.

I’m starting to look into this. Hopefully will have more to say about this later.

Below is the link for anyone interested